KT의 올레광고를 기반으로..  상사 할리가 뚝배기먹는데에 불만이 많은 직원들이

삼양라면과 스낵면을...
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북한의 신병 환영영상.. 우리나라와는 굉장히 틀린 북한의 중대..

ㅋㅋㅋ 노래 자체도 잼있지만.. 아래 댓글들도 잘 보세요..ㅋ

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    Around round a view be also frightenned dizzy several, however basically of the persons all rounded to come over, Li Lian Tian tooked a look them to hurriedly run past yell a way to them:"This is the magic, this is the magic, everyone applauses and applauses, http://www.nflauthenticjerseystore.com/patrick-willis-jersey-c-27 Patrick Willis Youth Jersey, " in the mind but think how to hurry to run to walk.
    The host of that small car beside, he deplores greatly of looking at a small car be smashed by a Zhang, but he doesn't dare to walk over there, he afraid Li Lian Tian come to one Zhang again the minced meat that he becomes.Afterwards while seeing Li Lian Tian coming forward to say that this is magical, he hurriedly also rounded past.

    The host of "this is my car, http://www.nflauthenticjerseystore.com/antonio-brown-jersey-c-5 Antonio Brown Youth Jersey, magic master, magic master, you quickly change to return to for me" small car beg a way.

    "This, this, " Li Lian Tian plea for help tooking a look of sort text feeling they, doing not know should say what.

    Text several feeling know on seeing this be not what magic, however they have to Li Lian Tian so strong skills all come to have never had of in different light.

    "This is the easy magic, you looking at me to come back from changing small car" Li Ying walked past way.

    "Is, is" Li Lian Tian impassionedly looking at Li Ying Dao, and then once turns body to toward host's way of that small car:"Now is performed by this young lady to change to return to small car, " finishes saying Li Lian Tian hurriedly runs to text feeling there, the in the mind doesn't know that how Li Ying should cope with, however his in the mind thousand times appreciates as well.

    "Is so, so" Li Ying took out a piece of paper to pass from the bosom to the host of small car.

    "She can't write on that paper I am defense secretary's daughter, occupy to seek defense secretary, please make a phone call & & " Lin Wen curiously says.

    "She writes to want when officer seek her old daddy, http://www.nflauthenticjerseystore.com/victor-cruz-jersey-c-40 Victor Cruz Women Jersey, please" Chen Qian looking at Lee even the absolute being achievement in sky doesn't know as well why excited for a while way.

    "Doing like this isn't all right, seek her old daddy, this is me & & " Lee even the sky doesn't know as well how do, anyway he has no way solution.

    Looking at a very excited dynasty of that little car host Li Lian Tian certainly wave hand, also often of to surroundings of crowd's way:'This is a good magic, very fierce magic, everyone applauses and applauses for the consummate magic of that youth."

    The everyone looking at the host of small car so happy, and then see the small car that didn't recover, don't know little car host exactly is how.

    Treated Li Ying to walk to come over, the everyone rounded up to prepare and ask understand, Li Ying exactly used what way.The most interested in is still Li Lian Tian, he handed to just faint to wake up of the card Lun complaint way:"Is really useless, if fight, you a listen to the explosion voice fainting to not just seek dead."

    The card Lun hasn't been calmed mind, eyes looking at Li Lian Tian's mouth up have been saying:"You, you & & " he the good elephant don't believe that you sees a fact that explodes a small car of Li Lian Tian, always & &

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    "Li Lian Tian, http://www.nflauthenticjerseystore.com/rob-gronkowski-jersey-c-32 Rob Gronkowski Youth Jersey, you before why embed gastight" Chen Qian asked a way.

    "Ha ha, severe" Li Lian Tian walks on air, he finally can in this a few girl's in fronts peep out skill.

    "Wu Xue's general assembly in the cosmos that seems this time only the text feeling can make your opponent" Li Ying says, and took a look text feeling one eye.

    The card Lun that Li Lian Tian shook to shake to faint way:"Wu Xue's general assembly in the cosmos, can't, I basically have never entitled to take part in."

    Wu Xue's general assembly a national in cosmos can send 4 contestants, so Li Lian Tian wants to all don't think to this.

    "We can recommend you, your real strenght, I think that I don't have certain confidence to win you" text feeling smiles, she also really hopes that Li Lian Tian takes part in this general assembly, and the boundary believe that Li Lian Tian can get hold of good position.

    "I don't go, don't go, http://www.nflauthenticjerseystore.com/andre-johnson-jersey-c-3 Andre Johnson Youth Jersey, " Li Lian Tian's one mouthful returns cut off, his in the mind can have his own abacus.If the time in game can not deliver by himself/herse